Our service
We focus on the Company Revenue, help to generate more income and adopt a strategy for long-term growth.

Projects with outstanding traction:
- Progkids | 3x Revenue | US, Brasil, EU | Edtech
- Ausloans | 3x Revenue | AU | Fintech
- WeLoveNoCode | $0.8k → $3.6M+ ARR | US, Global | B2B, B2C
- Bobber | US Launch, 0 → $1m Rev (exp) | US, Amazon, Branding, B2C
- Cinemood | $30M+ Revenue, $15M+ raised | US, Amazon, B2C, E-Commerce
- TheLifeCo | $5M+ Revenue Growth | Europe, Asia | Travel+HealthTech, B2C
- Gofair | 40 Countries launched, Sold company in the first year | Product, TravelTech, M&A

Major areas that we are working on are (most to least important):
  • Goals
  • Strategy. Value proposition
  • Operational Plan. The Art of Execution
  • Team. Motivation and Discipline
  • Sales and Marketing Funnel. Reach and Conversions. Eight sources
  • Growth. HADI cycles
  • Long terms goals and exit strategy.
  • Financing. Operational and external funding.
  • Automation. Lead Scoring, E-Commerce.

Things we do for you:
  • Revenue Audit: Goals, Strategy, Values, Drivers, Team, Sales, Growth.
  • Identifying low hanging fruits and quick wins.
  • Adopt and help with Strategy and Execution Plan
  • Execution with your team and external experts
  • Tracking

Things we do not do for your company:
  • Execute your strategy alone

  • We work and report only to shareholders. You will direct us to the Management, day to day job will be with Management, but SLA will be signed only with Shareholder (s).
  • We stop working with you when there is no more value from us.
  • We will not work with you if there is any conflict of interest.

Speak with those people before start working with us:
  • Nickolay Davidov, Founder Davidovs VC
  • Ersin Pamuksuzor. Founder TheLifeco
  • Baldur Duerrwang, Chairman Livingbrands - Europe Biggest Sales Outsourcing Agence
  • Rodney Michail, CEO and Founder of AUSLoans - Finance brokerage transforming into the digital age.
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